Vivaldi 1.1 final based on Chromium 50 is almost here with the snapshot released by Opera co-founder team. Vivaldi 1.1.453.6 snapshot has been released with one more tab closing option, improved dark UI and with a fix to browser stealing the focus under Windows.

With this development build release, the browser company has confirmed that upcoming Vivaldi 1.1 will no longer support Windows XP, Vista and Max OS X below 10.9 Operating Systems. However, Vivaldi 1.0 will continue to work on these older OSes, but it will not receive any security updates.

While the rival browser Opera has announced they’ll continue to offer bug fixes and security updates to XP and Vista, despite discontinuing support for them with the not yet released version 37, which is currently in beta.

Opera 37 drops Windows XP and Vista Support

It is also confirmed that Vivaldi browser’s upcoming version 1.1 will also disable NPAPI plugins. For more details or to check complete changelog, read this blog post.

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