Why and when you need to reset Vivaldi browser settings? If you want to fix the issue with the browser you’re having caused by a bad or malicious extension, that has altered Vivaldi Settings like new tab page or Search engine or start page. Most of the times, resetting the browser settings fixes the issue, which restores browser default settings, including those of start page’s, search engine’s and new tab page’s.

FYI, Vivaldi reset process disables all extensions and clears browser temporary data like cookies, Fret not! Your browsing history, bookmarks and saved passwords will not be cleared.

1. Type chrome://settings/search#a in the Vivaldi address bar and press enter

2. As you scroll down, you can notice the Reset button under ‘Reset Settings’, click on that button and further click on ‘Reset’


Bonus tip: you can also visit chrome://settings/resetProfileSettings to get the reset dialog.

Vivaldi reset Settings