Opera software has promised they’ll release Opera 37 stable with ad blocker built-in, one more step in that direction was made, Opera 37 beta has been released and available with that feature in place. FYI, opera’s ad-blocker is disabled by default, you need to visit Settings and enable it manually in Privacy and Security section if you want. The Company claims their ad-blocking technology is beating other ad-blocking extensions in performance.

What’s new in Opera 37 beta

After getting the feedback from users to provide an option to disable big ‘Plus’ button in speed dial of new start page, the company has added a setting, which you can see by clicking on customize start page config panel (ensure you’ve turned on Advanced settings before this).

Opera 37 beta

Opera browser internal pages, including settings, extensions, downloads, have been updated with a new look.

Other than these, this beta includes the following changes and improvements

  • Native context menus, you can spot these on Windows 8+ devices.
  • Synchronization enhancements
  • Implemented Google Certificate Transparency (CT) system
  • Added Chromesites  topSites API compatibility.

For full changelog and information on this beta, head over to Opera blog.