It’s all set for Opera software to launch Opera 38 with two major features such as native ab blocker, and Free VPN– don’t forget about the Video pop up feature, that’s cool too (it’s now available on developer version, previously only in Beta). Yes! Opera software has integrated their VPN acquired from SurfEasy, into Opera browser and now available to use on developer version 38.

No subscription or account is required to use Opera’s free VPN, it’s unlimited, the company has confirmed they won’t log users’ data, FYI, this browser vendor makes money like any browser with search deals, i.e when users perform more searches from Opera, the more revenue they get from their search partner, according to the company’s q4 2015 report, the major revenue they got are from Google and Yandex.

“Until now, most VPN services and proxy servers have been limited and based on a paid subscription. With a free, unlimited, native VPN that just works out-of-the-box and doesn’t require any subscription, Opera wants to make VPNs available to everyone.”

Turn on Free VPN in Opera

Without further ado on Windows in Opera, visit Settings > privacy & Security, select ‘Enable VPN’, done.

After turning the VPN on, you’ll notice a VPN icon next to each website address in the address bar, which you can use to change locations (more locations will be added later).

VPN on popup in Opera

Note: You need to be using the latest developer version for this.

Benefits of using Opera’s free VPN

  • Hide your IP addresses from websites
  • Enhance security on Public Wi-Fi
  • Bypass firewalls and access blocked content

SurfEasy vs Opera free VPN 

Note that SurfEasy VPN (paid) is a system-wide VPN and its extension are still available where as this VPN in Opera is limited to browser only, Opera has no plans to charge users for this.

For other changes, new features added to developer 38, check this blog post.