Security Software company Avast has removed the NG technology from the latest beta version of products, which are going to soon officially release to public. This is for a short period of time as they’re going to announce something big about NG and its engine soon, meanwhile they’re working on it to perform better on different PC configurations out there, which is not the case till now. The company’s CTO, Ondrej Vlcek says in a forum thread: ‘the technology has great potential’.

“Hi everyone,

After much reflection, we have decided to pull the NG technology from the client-side Avast for the being. The technology has a great potential, and it’s delivering great results in our cloud-based systems – but these run in a fully controlled environment, which is much different from making it work on a myriad of Windows/PC configurations that are out there…

With that said, we have some bigger announcements to be made regarding NG and the whole engine, but I don’t want to do that just now as this time, we really want to be sure there are real results that you can actually see and verify for yourself before we make any bold announcements…

The only thing I would say for now is that the whole team has been working theirs butts off to make a real difference…


If you don’t know: Avast NG, introduced with 2015 version products is a hardware based visualization technology that runs each Windows process in a virtual environment.

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