Addons.Morg site has got a new design, Mozilla has restyled the site and the change is now live for AMO. This  could be the biggest design change that has happened to AMO after 2011. When the change was announced, the Firefox browser company has allowed to preview the new design through an add-on, which no longer required now. The company has initially scheduled to debut the redesigned add-ons site with Firefox 48, but seems the plan has changed and launch went live without any announcement three days back.

Compared to the previous version, this one looks modern with tweaked CSS, clearly has quite a small font and contrast issues, a bug has been submitted for the same. Another issue with the new design is user can’t favorite an add-on or add it to a collection, a bug has been also opened on this issue and Mozilla is working to get this resolved. site new look

redesigned AMO page

What’s your take on this change?