Vivaldi 1.0 release is nearing and you’ve another beta, in fact third beta is available. Vivaldi team says since beta 2, they’ve worked hard in “improving the performance and stability, as well as polishing the design throughout Vivaldi UI”. Vivaldi Beta 3 includes new settings as well new features for users.

Vivaldi Beta 3

Load/Save a session

While in the last snapshot they’ve added session management and tab hibernation options, those are available in this. Vivaldi lets you save all currently open tabs as  a session and lets you re-open them all tabs at once.

Vivaldi beta 3

Unload background tabs

And the tab hibernation options let you close background tabs except the active tab by choosing the option ‘Hibernate background tabs’.

This beta also includes new Tab Specific Zoom setting which lets you set the zoom level for each tab. rather than for each website domain. You can find that setting in ‘Webpages’ of Settings.

For more details and to download this beta, check Vivaldi blog post.

Old Opera fans, have you liked the way Vivaldi is progressing so far?