After releasing Beta 3 for Vivaldi, Opera co-founder launched browser team is looking to fix bugs, today, they’ve released a new snapshot, which has upgraded browser to Chromium 49. This snapshot also lets you enable search suggestions in the address bar.

Enabling Search Suggestions in Vivaldi address bar

Though currently this is a work-in-progress feature, suggestions for search engines seems to be displayed for Bing and duckduckgo only, provided you need to visit Vivaldi Search settings and restore default Settings, after that, you need to uncheck the  ‘Disable Search Suggestions in the address field’ setting in the ‘Privacy’ section of Settings.

search suggestions

This snapshot has updated the Vivaldi to 1.0.420.4. FYI, Company has already announced Vivaldi browser’s version 1.0 is getting closer, it may be a few snapshots away.

For the list of bugs fixed and for complete change log, visit this page.