After the initial developer release of Opera 37 that has revealed the drop of Windows XP and Vista support, Opera software has released a new update today with risky files download warning. BTW, it’s confirmed! Opera 37 stable will ship with adblocker built-in, the feature available on developer stream has got an overwhelming response. The Norwegian-based browser vendor has included an update to the feature with this build. This release has fixed a lot of bugs, including the Speed dial extensions’.

Opera 37 developer update

When any site or sites, download files automatically in the background without your consent, Opera observes the behavior and alerts you with an option to cancel such download (check the below screenshot). In that situation, to stay safe,  you need to click on ‘Don’t download’ button .

risky file download warning

Note: Windows X64 experimental version is temporarily not available. Opera is working to fix the issues with the 64-bit version they’re having, expect the company to make them available again soon. There are other known issues as well.

For complete list of changes, and to download Opera dev 37.0.2171.0, check this Opera blog post.