Stable version of Opera 36 based on Chromium 49 has been released and available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android platforms. Opera software boasts, with Opera 36 version they’re delivering the best Windows 10 browser, and more customization on the Start page and offers more space to fit extension icons on the toolbar with expander.

Start page with a new look

The start page has been redesigned and is more customisable than before, after enabling advanced options in Settings, you can click on cogwheel and remove unnecessary elements, you can even make the start page complete blank. Check this video for that.

New start page redesign with theme overlay enabled, removes white and black background text from Speed dials text. They look even better now with design improvements.

Opera 36

Opera 36 with clean speed dials and fresh start page layout

Opera UI blends with Windows  10

“The UI has changed even more on Windows 10. Opera now blends with the system, changing colors across the application to match its style. You can now control whether you want to keep the Opera colors or get a new system look by going to Settings.”

Chromium 49- based Chrome 49 has been already enabled Smooth Scrolling, so as the Opera v36.

To know more about new Opera release and to download it, visit this Opera blog page.