Microsoft is forcing Windows 10 on Windows 7 or 8.1 on users throats by making it as a ‘recommended update’, there are ways to stop this from happening by using the registry tweaks or by running freeware GWX Control Panel. But a freeware utility, Never 10, aimed at inexperienced users has been released by Gibson Research Corporation (GRC) for this purpose, and is available to download from their website.

Never 10 disables the Windows 10 upgrade

Using the utility as simple as just run it, the tool checks and shows Windows 10 upgrade enabled/disabled status on your Windows 7/8.1 system, if upgrade was shown as enabled, click on ‘Disable Win10 Upgrade’ to get the job done.

Never 10 screenshot 2

Never 10 tells Windows 10 upgrade is enabled for this system

Note: If you’ve already used GWX Control Panel and turned off automatic upgrade to Windows 10, then you may not need this tool.

Never 10

Works only Windows 7 or 8.1 systems

Visit Never 10 webpage to download and find more information about it.

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