With the request of OneNote users, Microsoft has made available a free (preview version) of the importer tool for Windows — OneNote Importer — that lets Evernote users migrate their data to OneNote. If you’ve reason(s) to switch to OneNote from Evernote, software giant issued a tool that allows you to bring Notes saved to your Evernote account.

Microsoft’s official OneNote Importer tool for Evernote

To get started, download the portable OneNote importer tool, run it (ensure Evernote is installed on Windows with your latest notes synced, if not, if you’ve exported Evernote file (.enex) before, the tool lets you select that) the tool displays Evernote Notebooks detected on your computer and lets you select the content to get into OneNote, after selecting the notebooks, sign into Microsoft Account tied to OneNote for the import process to begin.

Microsoft OneNote Importer

Once Evernote notes import process finishes, the Notebooks will be synced to all devices, including Mac, iOS and Android.

Note: For each Evernote Notebook, the tool creates a new OneNote Notebook.

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