If you don’t know, both Opera and Vivaldi browsers use Pepper version of Flash (PPAPI) that Chromium or Chrome uses, if you’re noticing ‘Couldn’t load plugin‘ or ‘You need to have the Adobe Flash Player to view this content’ messages in these browsers when you tried to view flash-content on web pages, then you’ve to install Pepper Flash, follow the below instructions to install Flash player in Opera or Vivaldi browser.

Couldn't load the plugin

Vivaldi showing couldn’t load plugin message because flash was not installed

Installing Flash Player for Vivaldi or Opera browser

  1. Visit Adobe Flash Player download page, since you’re visiting this page from Chromium-based browser, Adobe site assumes as if you’re using Chrome and says your browser is already includes built-in flash.
  2. Ignore that, click on ‘Do you have a different operating system or browser ?’
  3. Select the Operating System you’re using, and choose ‘FP x for Opera and Chromium – PPAPI‘, x is the latest version number of Flash offered by Adobe, uncheck the optional McAfee Security Scan Plus or other pre-checked Adobe offer,

Select PPAPI flash for Opera and Chrome

4. And click download and run the file, after installing the flash player, reopen or restart the browser.

Note: Installing Flash once by visiting adobe site in Vivaldi or Opera is enough, you don’t need to install two times for each browser.

Using Chrome’s Flash in Opera /Vivaldi

if you’ve Google Chrome installed on your computer, the chromium-based Opera or Vivaldi picks up the Flash of it and uses to load that plugin content in respective browsers.

If you’re using either of these browsers, and if you’ve already installed Chrome, then you don’t need to install Flash in the first place, provided you need to be using the same architectures between Chrome and Opera/ Vivaldi browsers. Means, if you’ve Chrome 32-bit installed, you should be using the 32-bit version of Vivaldi or Opera (x86) for the browser in question to pick up and use Chrome’s flash.

Note: BTW, don’t forget to check or first ensure Flash is enabled after install by visiting Vivaldi://plugins or Opera://plugins pages.

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