Vivaldi browser, which is currently in Beta (beta 3 to be precised) and yet to hit stable version, supports the import of bookmarks from browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and from an HTML file (which contains bookmarks). Let us see how to get your other browser favorites into Vivaldi, if you’re going to use it as a primary or default browser.

Import bookmarks into Vivaldi from major browsers or an HTML file

  1. Click on Vivaldi menu > File > Bookmarks
  2. Click on Import, when ‘Import bookmarks and Settings‘ dialog pops up (or from File menu, select import bookmarks and Settings), choose the browser from: Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera 12.x, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera version (Chromium based), or bookmarks HTML file or Opera bookmarks file.
  3. After selection, click on Start Import.

Vivaldi import bookmarks

4. Once the process completes,  imported bookmarks will be available to access within the bookmark manager, and they also appear when you type in the url bar dropdown under history to select and load.

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