Three years back Google has announced they will display product information from their other products such a Gmail, Calendar and Google+ in its search results. While we can’t confirm the feature is available for everyone, one of our Gmail accounts has got the private results feature.

What are Google’s private results?

When you sign into your Google account, and perform searches for any of the below queries you’ve chance of seeing the feature, if you’ve search engine giant enabled that for you.

To see the private results, examples of the searches you can try are: my events, my bills, my packages, my reservations, my flights, my photos.

my purchases

To disable or turn off private results Google shows for other products in its search results,

  1. Visit Search Settings page
  2. Scroll down a bit, and in the ‘Private results‘ section, select Do not use private results and click on Save, doing this permanently removes the feature.
  3. To deactivate them temporarily, you’ve to click on ‘hide private results’ in the search results page.

Would you love to see your information in other Google products on search engine giant search results page? Of course they” appear only to you, but still?

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