GMER, the popular anti-rootkit scanner that detects and removes rootkits has been updated to support Windows 10. GMER version 2.2 released yesterday has added new Windows compatibility and improved file and disk scanning.

It’s an advanced user’s tool to detect the presence of rootkits, which scans for hidden processes, threads, module, services, files, disk sectors, alternative data streams, hooking SSDT, IDT and IRP calls.

If GMER is closed unexpectedly when the scan is in progress, then you should know any infection present on your computer has terminated it. Download the random exe from it’s official website or rename and run the current app name to iexplorer.exe.

GMER 2.2

This is not light on system resources, it will consume your CPU and memory when it tries to find the hidden infections. So ensure no other programs or apps are running while operating this tool.

GMER 2.2

GMER updated to find hidden rootkits on Windows 10

FYI, Avast antivirus and other antivirus have integrated GMER into their AV engines. So this tool is more popular and use it with extreme caution. If you’re inexperienced or unknown about the tool, better don’t run it. Then you better, enable and run rootkit scan offered by Malwarebytes.

Using the tool is as easy as download, run it, and click on the Rootkit/Malware tab and do the scanning.

 Download GMER 2.2.19882

Other Rootkit scanners worth a look are Bitdefender Rootkit remover tool  F- secure Online Scanner and Norton Power Eraser.