Vivaldi, already supports HTML5 notifications feature, that’s useful for users who often visit websites like Facebook, Gmail or other email services, to get or know updates even when they’ve that site not open in the browser.

Sites can show notifications only after when you agree or give permission, but they seek your consent for the same by asking you with a pop-up ‘website would like to show notifications’, with Allow or Deny options.

show notifications popup

A site requesting in Vivaldi to show notifications

But if you’ve noticed these HTML5 web notifications request dialogs appearing too many while browsing through various sites in Vivaldi browser, you can turn them off if you want, here is how that can be done.

  1.  In Vivaldi browser visit chrome://settings/content/notifications (note: you better type directly in the address bar as copy and paste is not working)
  2. Click on ‘Ask before sending (recommended)’ setting to ‘Blocked’

Note: Still, you can allow certain sites to show notifications if you add them in Notifications exceptions (click on ‘Manage exceptions’ to see it).