In Windows 10, Microsoft Edge is the default browser, and Bing’s role is not limited to Edge as a default search engine, but Microsoft also uses it in Windows 10 for the web searches performed from start menu or Cortana or taskbar. Means, Windows 10 Cortana search results for web, redirect to Bing — Of course, new Windows lets you turn them off if you want — this applies to Google Chrome when it was set as default.

Till now, Google hasn’t worried about this, while Mozilla has already a step ahead in this and its Firefox browser uses search engine set by user for searches from Windows 10. In Chrome, this can be accomplished by installing an extension called bing2Google.

To circumvent this, Chromium team has already added a flag (which you can find in about:// flags as a experimental feature) — Windows desktop Search redirection— which when enabled, routes desktop web searches to default  search engine (Google) in Chrome browser.

Windows desktop search redirection flag

Google is planning to implement desktop search redirection feature for Chrome users

While this has worked in developer channel of Chrome, as  the flags are experimental, they may change, break or disappear at any time or in fact, there is no guarantee for the flag(s) to get rolled out to stable channel users (update: the flag now available in Chrome 50 stable), despite that, we should expect this flag to turn into a native feature in the dominant desktop browser.

Are you happy about the control Chrome is giving you over the Windows 10 desktop search redirection issue?