Chrome App launcher, which lets you open apps outside the browser, will be no more, Google has decided to retire and remove it from Windows, Mac and Linux platforms (App launcher will live on Chrome OS and continue to work unless they change their mind) in the next months to come.

The company stated in a blog post “The app launcher makes Chrome apps easy to open outside the browser, but we’ve found that users on Windows, Mac, and Linux prefer to launch their apps from within Chrome. With Chrome’s continued emphasis on simplicity and streamlining browser features, the launcher will be removed from those platforms. It will remain unchanged on Chrome OS.”

Chrome app launcher

Chrome App launcher will no longer be available

There is other side of story to this from users point of view: after installing an app, which enables App launcher, users always have problems in locating or finding it and pinning it to taskbar, particularly on Windows, these issues are not addressed from Google side. That has made the browser maker to believe that users prefer to launch apps from within Chrome, there is only half-truth in this.

Here is how the process happens gradually. Within few weeks after this announcement,

 Chrome will no longer enable the launcher when users first install a Chrome app. Anyone who currently has the launcher will receive a notice informing them that the launcher will be going away. In July, existing instances of the launcher will be removed.”

App launcher is going to die, but not Chrome apps, you can still access them by visiting Chrome://apps in the address bar or click on Apps shortcut.

Have you ever used or using Chrome App Launcher?