Avast SafeZone browser, which till now part of Avast paid products, is now available for free version users as well. Though Chromium-based SafeZone browser  is quite useful to visit Shopping and banking sites, it can be also used for general or day-to-day browsing needs as well. This browser that mimics new Opera UI, includes features such as pay mode and comes pre-installed with extensions such as ad blocker and Video downloader.

Latest Avast Free antivirus now includes SafeZone browser

Pay Mode: When SafeZone detects user is visiting a banking site, it automatically loads that banking site in an isolated session, thus denies keyloggers or other threats, that were hidden in his computer, from accessing browsing session.

Video downloader (quite strange! A security company providing a video downloading tool in their browser), lets users to download videos from popular sites like YouTube, Vimeo etc, even when they’re offline.

Avast SafeZone browser

Check our detailed review and watch this video to see it in action.

Latest Avast free antivirus installer includes this component, and SafeZone will be downloaded and installed for all existing users when they update.

if you don’t like to use it, you can uninstall it without removing Avast.

How to uninstall or remove Avast SafeZone Browser?

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