New Vivaldi snapshot 1.0.403.15 has been released and available to download with new session management feature, tab hibernate option  and with other improvements and bug fixes. While the final version of Vivaldi is not far away, but the beta version is coming very soon.

Vivaldi with new session management and hibernate background tabs features

Vivaldi team has implemented a new session management feature that allows users to save current set of open tabs as a session and allows to reload that session whenever the user wants. To save the current open tabs in, click on V menu > File menu > select Save Open Tabs as Session, name it whatever you like. Like this, you can save any number of sessions.

Now you can close them and open new tabs and work. To load that session which you’ve saved earlier, click on V menu > File menu, choose Open Saved Session and select that session, done.

Vivaldi session management

Hibernate background tabs 

This reminds what the more popular The The Great Suspender Chrome extension does after a specified period time. Vivaldi offers a new tab hibernation option, you can find it on tab right click menu as ‘Hibernate background tabs’.

To suspend or unload all other tabs, right click on the  active tab and select the option Hibernate background tabs. Whenever a tab gains focus it will be loaded.

hibernate background tabs

Other than the addition of these two new features,  this snapshot includes start up improvements an has added ‘Use Tab Zoom‘ option for webpages in Settings, which lets you set specific zoom level per tab rather than per website.

The browser development team has also added background tabs progress indicator which shows ‘new progress indicator to the tabs that are loading in the background’.

Download Vivaldi 1.0.403.15 snapshot for Windows/Mac/Linux 

What’s your take on this Vivaldi Snapshot?