Stop Windows 10 from resetting file associations. Windows 10 users who have recently installed the Cumulative update KB3135173 have noticed their file associations being reset by Windows with default classic and universal apps. This is not the first time this has been happened, we’ve shared news about that in the past too.

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Ramesh Srinivasan from Winhelponline has came up with a fix to this with a registry script which “stops Microsoft Edge, Photos, 3d Builder, Zune music and Zune Video (Movies & TV) from taking over your file associations for various files types, without impeding the Apps functionality in any way.”


  1. Download file from here, extract contents in it to a folder. The zip file contains two registry files with name: undo and w10_stop_reset-fileasso
  2.  If you don’t want to see An app default was reset notification in future, you need to be running the second registry file.
  3. To revert the changes, you need to run the Undo REG file.

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