Opera software has released a security update for Opera 12, Opera 12.18 is now available to download, if you’re using Opera 12, you’ll be automatically updated to this version and this is the last, stable presto-version for you guys. FYI, last update Opera 12.17, which was released two years back was also a security update, it has fixed the Heartbleed bug.

What’s new in Opera 12.18

“In order to make your browser, and its mail client, function well on the present-day web, we’ve made a few changes, with a focus on the security aspect. The most important change is the support for ECC cipher suites used in secure connections. Another addition is GCM. ” Opera’s employee, Tarquin Wilton-Jones said in a blog post.

Opera 12.18

“Opera 12 now supports the same set of ciphers as other modern browsers. We have seen that many domains are relying on ECC certificates, thus making Opera 12 unable to connect. Similarly most clients using TLS have deprecated RC4 from the list of secure ciphers. We have done the same in this update. There is a setting to turn it back on, in case you need it. Since more servers are supporting TLS 1.2, we have enabled that by default ” he added.

Tarquin also suggests Opera 12 users to upgrade from Windows XP SP1 and older to a newer Windows OS and then to the Opera 35.

You can download Opera 12.18 for Windows by visiting this link.

Are you still using Presto-based Opera version these days?