Kaspersky, a company good at making security products has released a free PC Cleaning toolKasperksy Cleaner— in beta and is available to download.

UPDATE: Though Kaspersky has offered Kaspersky Cleaner product during beta testing for free, its no longer available for download. Kasperksy could have integrated the Cleaner into their products.

Kaspersky Cleaner seems more than a PC cleaning and optimization tool, not only removes junk files, browser’s history, cookies and other privacy traces, but also restores crucial system settings–  by the likes of Task Manager, Registry editor, Internet Explorer settings –that were blocked or disabled by malware, and fixes the privacy issues Windows users are facing these days with new Windows 10 by likes of tracking, data collection, telemetry, etc..

Kasperksy Cleaner

Kaspersky Cleaner comes with more advanced features when compared with CCleaner

Kaspersky Cleaner

Using the tool is dead easy, install and launch it. Before clicking on the ‘Start Scan’ button in the application UI, you’re recommended to take a deep look into these four sections the tool concentrates on: System Cleanup, Restore System Settings, Private Browsing and Remove Activity Traces.

Kaspersky Cleaner 2

Fix  resolves all problems, no control given to user in choosing a section

You’re advised to create a restore point before running the tool, so you can always undo the changes by restoring system to pre-ran state of Kaspersky Cleaner.

Note: If you’re not aware of what changes the tool is making to your computer, it’s better to stick with current always popular CCleaner.

Doesn’t give the control to the user

The problem comes when the user doesn’t want the tool to touch system or Windows privacy settings, but when (s)he aims the tool to clean temporary files, cookies and history only (i.e first and four sections), which is not possible or the kaspersky developed the tool to not to make such selection.