Print a list of all web browser add-ons installed in your system. Nirsoft has released a freeware and portable tool that displays popular web browsers add-ons installed on your computer. Meet BrowserAddonsView, which supports Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers, scans and detects add-ons of supported browsers, and generates a list of add-ons you’re using that have either enabled or disabled status.

For every add-on, Nirsoft tool shows Item ID, status, Web browser, add-on Type, name, version, description, etc.. You can find even more details –like add-on’s file name, created time, modified time, profile folder path where the add-on resides– when you scroll horizontally.


For future reference, you can select all items and save them to a text or HTML file. An option available in Options menu to hide disabled items. Advanced Options offers an option not to load the add-ons from Internet Explorer when you run the tool.

This Web browser add-ons viewer offers commands for every item’s context menu to open the add-on folder and profile folder, and displays Firefox system add-ons too such as Pocket and Firefox Hello also in the UI.

Download BrowserAddonsView from Nirsoft website.

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