Uninstalled Chrome extensions won’t appear again on other devices that have sync enabled. You could’ve experienced this in the past with Google Chrome, if you’ve signed into Google account and synchronized extensions, apps, themes and other stuff across your other devices that have Chrome installed: If you uninstall an extension from current machine, sync reinstalls it on all machines. This issue has been fixed by Google.

Google Chrome Sync Has a Dedicated Page Now

This bug 1664643003 –, Change sync conflict resolution for extensions (closed) —  refers to that issue and below is the description for it:

“For extensions and apps, if the server has seen a delete action (corresponding to an uninstall) and the local state has a not-yet-synced
change, we would prefer to resolve this conflict by keeping the server state and uninstalling locally. This helps to prevent uninstalled
extensions “coming back to life“.”

Google Chrome Sync settings

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