BurnAware Technologies is quite a popular CD/DVD burning software, and is also one of the software companies that includes OpenCandy in its installer for its free version, BurnAware Free.

The OpenCandy powered installer offers app recommendations t to users while installing BurnAware, if the user accepts it, such recommended app(ad) will be installed, when declines, OpenCandy will remove itself automatically after the original app installation finishes.

BurnAware free now comes without OpenCandy

BurnAware has decided to not to offer, or include OpenCandy during its free version installation from version 8.9 onwards, which has been released yesterday. BurnAware Free 8.9 changelog confirms that (second one in the new features list:  ‘No advertisement (opencandy) during installation of Free version’).

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This version also offers a new option to shutdown PC when recording was done. Another new feature added to version lets you ‘Stop / play track by double click in Audio CD compilation’. You can check this version’s full changelog here.

Burnaware Free 8.9

BurnAware Free 8.9 doesn’t include OpenCandy

This may surprise you, but the fact is they’re offered and still offering nocandy installers for their product on this page with name burnaware_free_nocandy.exe, you’ll notice this when you browse through previous versions page, which is hidden. Where as official and mirror sites till now offered OpenCandy included BurnAware, this is intentional, that’s been done by the company to get revenue from its free product.

Who is using CD/DVD recording software these days? Do you welcome this change?.