Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for sites are are now live in Google Search on mobile devices. and Self-hosted WordPress sites, supports AMP. users don’t need to anything as AMP works automatically for those sites. But self-hosted WordPress site publishers need to install the AMP plugin by visiting the WordPress Plugin repository. You can install this plugin like any other plugin.

Validating Accelerated Mobile Pages for a WordPress site

After installing the plugin, add /amp to any one of your article to load the AMP version.

For example, for your site url, you need to be loading this:

Accelerated Mobile pages or AMP version

Now visit any AMP version of page in Chrome and add #development=1 to the URL.

Now open developers tools by pressing Ctrl+Shit+I, and click on Console. Refresh the page again,  if everything is right, you’ll see the message AMP validation successful.

AMP validation

It may takes days for these to get indexed and appear in your Google Search console account.