Microsoft has released Windows 10 build 11099 to insiders in the fast ring and is available to download. As Gabe Aul already said no significant changes or new features included in this build, here we’re enlightening what’s fixed and known issues in this insider build 11099.

What’s new in Windows 10 insider Preview build 11099

According to Microsoft employee posted on a Reddit thread, 11099 build fixes

1. File transfer dialog issue (it has been reported not appearing),

2. Defaults getting reset issue

3. And fingerprint login not being listed as an option

Known issues for this build are available on the insider hub and here they’re:

We have a few known issues for Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 11099

•Log on for devices using Citrix XenDesktop may be broken. It is recommended that Insiders that use XenDesktop skip this flight by moving to the Slow ring.

•Applications that depend on Adobe Flash may crash upon launch. This will affect some version of Skype, QQ, WeChat, etc. This does not affect Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer.

If you’ve insider hub installed, visit this link to launch the app and see known issues in it.

Gabe said they’re planning to release more builds to insiders in the fast ring this year. If you’re not ready, switch to slow ring.

“As I explained in the prior post, we are making some changes to how we release builds to the Fast ring starting in 2016. The criteria we use to release builds to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring will be much closer to our criteria for flighting to our internal rings. This will allow more builds to reach Windows Insider”.