We know how to find the Photo shot location of a desktop background for current theme in Windows 7, for that, we’ve to visit this path and hover over on the image: Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\desktop background.

If you’ve installed any themes in Windows 10 by visiting Personalization gallery, the above path opens Background in Personalization in Settings app, which like in Windows 7, doesn’t show the wallpapers for to us hover over and see Windows 10 theme wallpaper location information.

wallpaper for a Windows 10 theme showing photo taken place

See the Title

  1. Don’t worry! We can still able to find that, but it takes a little bit of digging.
  2. First, you should know, themes installed (not default ones that comes with Windows 10) from Personalization gallery will be installed to : C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Themes.
Windows 10 wallpaper title, author name, dimensions

Photo meta data

You need to visit the above mentioned path on Windows 10, and open a theme folder, and desktop background folder underneath that, make sure the photo is not selected, hover the image with mouse pointer to see a tooltip showing summary, the last line it, Title shows the photo taken place information.

For more details, right click on it and select Properties and click Details tab.