Till now we’re familiar with the Chrome installation failed error that occurs when installer fails to start, that happens when you try to install Chrome online, yesterday to install Chrome 47, when users downloaded and ran latest Chrome standalone installer aka ChromestandaloneSetup.exe by visiting this page http://www.google.com/chrome/eula.html?system=true&standalone=1, they’ve got ‘Unknown Installer Error‘.

Chrome Unknown Installer Error

Chrome team has acknowledged the issue and fixed it by updating the installers on their side that are now working fine without throwing that error.

“Standalone installers should be working again (but will install .106, not .111). Sometime later today, these will be updated to working .111 installers. ”

Why users install Chrome offline?

Some users still prefer to install Chrome on their computers by using offline/standalone installer provided by Google, reasons could be: it installs faster when compared to online download+ install, and can be installed on multiple computers offline.

Do you prefer installing Chrome online or offline?

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