Google has released Chrome 47 stable without announcing what’s new in it. Here we’re sharing what we know so far with you through this article.

Chrome’s built-in PDF Viewer has got material designdrag and drop any PDF from your computer onto the Chrome address bar or visit any links to PDF on web page to see it in action.

Chrome PDF Viewer with material design in Chrome 47-min

As announced by Google earlier, Notification Center on the desktop has been ditched from this version, so you no longer see the bell icon in the system tray on Windows in this and future Chrome versions.

After getting requests from users, Google has added a flag to Chrome 47 that disables deferring of media playback in background tabs, that means, all background tabs will play music automatically like before v47 with the enable of this flag. You need to turn on this flag for that:Disable gesture requirement for media playback.

Simplify Page Print option: Chrome team has added ‘simplify page‘ option to Print dialog, this appears during the print Preview, which on selection and running generates a new Print  PDF using open-source project Dom Distiller. PDF created this way will be free of or won’t contain ads, navigation elements and other elements.

Chrome Print preview with simplify page print option

Print preview generated before or after selecting Simplify Page option

HTML5 video context menu simplified: Prior to v47, when you right click on an HTML5 video, you’ll notice these items: Pause, Mute, Loop, Show Controls along with other options. These four, including useful loop command has been removed by the  Chrome UX team after audit, citing they were used less than 0.01% of time.

If you’re missing loop context menu and show controls options for videos on YouTube, Imgur in Chrome, then try this  extension on the Chrome Web Store, video looping extension.

Meanwhile, Google is reconsidering to add loop option back to video context menu, will likely happen with v48 or next update.

UPDATE: Google has reinstated show controls and loop options in the media context menu, this change will land in dev or canary first and Stable v47 branch will be followed then, Wait for update to arrive to your Chrome browser.