You can now mute tabs in Vivaldi also. It didn’t take that long for Chromium-based Vivaldi to get Tab Audio Indicators as well muting support. Latest Vivaldi Beta 1.340. 7 shows an audio indicator for tab making noise and lets you mute it with a single click, which Vivaldi team internally calling as Silent Tabs For Users (STFU). This update brings Netflix support and HTML5 notifications to the browser.

Vivaldi says they’ve added this feature with request from users, and promises to make Silent Tabs fro users more powerful in the future. “This is our initial implementation, so it just adds the basic feature but we are looking at ways to make this more powerful in the future. ”

Silent Tabs for Users

Recently Vivaldi browser has got H.264/AAC and MP3 support, now Netflix‘s.

HTML5 notifications will be shown by websites if you agree. Apart from these new additions, this version includes bug fixes and improvements.

Download Vivaldi 1.0.340.7

Remember Vivaldi is still in beta, looks promising now with new features, let us hope it get better when stable version releases.