Opera 35 debuts a new styled download manager.With the release of Opera 34 stable, followed by Opera 36 developer, from developer, Opera 35 now has reached the beta stream and is available to download for Windows, Mac and Linux. We’ve already told this version of Opera lets you mute tabs and offers a separate search box, a simple settings page, a new download manager and other improvements.

Opera desktop team has upgraded download manager from WebUI technology to Chromium’s new private API and restyled the feature.  When compared to the previous version, this download manager apart from new design include links to Documents, PDF, Images, Music, Videos, Archives and others, for quick access.

Opera 35 download manager

Redesigned Download manager

If you sync bookmarks, good news to you! Opera team has introduced a new tactic to remove duplicate bookmarks.

Advanced Settings offer an option to enable search box in the address bar, if you’re interested go ahead and turn it on.

According to Opera, Settings page is the third-most visited internal page after Speed dial and History, with this version, they introduced Basic section in the Settings, which allows users to manage browser startup options, change download location, and theme.

You can now able to turn on the bookmarks bar from the Heart menu popup also.

Opera now warns you with an unfinished download dialog, when you try to close the browser if any downloads are taking place in the background, and offers options in it to remain the browser to open or close.

Opera has made a significant change in version 35: it doesn’t show the mute button until you hover mouse pointer over the tab, and the mute other tabs option only appears on the tab context menu when you right click on tab playing sound.

Download Opera 35.0.2066.10 beta