Opera 34 stable based on Chromium 47 has been released for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, and is available to download. After testing for a long time, Opera software has enabled the next generation of Opera Turbo, Opera Turbo 2 in this version, Yes! Opera 34 on computer uses Turbo 2 mode to not only load pages faster on slower connections but it also saves more data.

What’s new in Opera 34

“And now, Opera 34 for computers makes his life even easier because it has the next generation of our Opera Turbo compression. It’s faster and more reliable, especially if the network has very low bandwidth and high latency.”

To test turbo v2 right away, download Opera 34 and launch the browser, click on Opera menu and select ‘Opera Turbo’. You really need to be on a stable connection that has low speed to observe the change.

Opera 34 turbo 2

Other Changes

Download Opera 34.0.2036.25