This is the best tab groups replacement add-on we found so far. As you all know Mozilla is going to remove Tab Groups aka Panorama from Firefox, we’ve said Tab Groups add-on developed  by QuickSaver on Firefox Panorama code an excellent replacement, Mozilla also suggesting this officially on their discontinuing tab groups feature page. On this page, you’ll also notice the mention of two other add-ons:  OneTab and Tree style tab.

” If you want a direct replacement for the tab groups feature, try the Tab Groups add-on. It was created directly from the Firefox code and works just like the current feature ”

Tab groups add-on available on AMO

It will be as if the feature wasn’t removed from Firefox. You can install Tab Groups from the add-ons website:

  • Tab Groups: This add-on aims to fully replace Tab Groups in Firefox, providing a similar and hopefully even enhanced experience.”

So the verdict is clear : if you desperately want Panorama after its removal, we and Mozilla suggest you to use Tab Groups Panorama add-on.