Make Free Download Manager v5.1 to work with Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. We’re following up Free Download Manager 5.1 beta release news with its integration in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.

We’ve covered this for old version of FDM in the past, we’re going to do it again, as the user interface of Free Download Manager and browsers it supports have changed a lot since then.

Integrating Free Download Manager 5.1 into Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers


When you install FDM on your computer for the first time, you’ll be asked to install Chrome monitoring. If you click ‘Yes’, you’ll receive the dialog ‘Chrome monitoring successfully installed! Make sure to install extension from Chrome Web Store’.

Chrome Moniotoring installation

Clicking ‘OK’ opens Free Download Manager Chrome Extension page in the Web Store (here is the link) for you to install, which you can add to Chrome browser.

1. Now open FDM Interface, click on Hotdogs icon and select Settings

2. Click on Hotdogs icon and select Settings > Browser Integration and ensure Google Chrome is checked.


1. Ensure Firefox is already open, launch FDM and visit Settings > Browser Integration

2. Check ‘Firefox’, click ‘verify if extension is enabled’

3. A new tab open in Firefox and asks to add Free Download Manager extension, click ‘Add’

UPDATE: Read How to Install Free Download Manager WebExtension in Firefox 57

Internet Explorer:

1. Open Internet Explorer, click on Gear icon, select ‘Manage add-ons’

2. Click ‘Toolbars and Extensions’

3. Select Free Download Manager add-on and click ‘Enable’ button.

To Integrate Free Download Manager into Microsoft Edge, you need to check Edge option in Browser Integration.

Note: Enabling that option will do, you don’t need to install any add-ons for the integration to work.

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