Make Free Download Manager v5.1 to work with Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. We’re following up Free Download Manager 5.1 beta release news with its integration in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers, we’ve covered this for old version of FDM in the past, we’re going to do it again, as the user interface of FDM and browsers it supports have changed significantly since then.

Integrating FDM 5 into Chrome

When you install FDM 5 on your computer for the first time, you’ll be asked to install Chrome monitoring, if you click ‘Yes’, you’ll receive the dialog ‘Chrome monitoring successfully installed! Make sure to install extension from Chrome Web Store’.

Chrome Moniotoring installation

Clicking ‘OK’ opens Free Download Manager Chrome Extension page in the Web Store (here is the link) for you to install, which you can easily do so by clicking ‘Add to Chrome’ button.

1. Now open FDM Interface, click on Hotdogs icon and select Settings

2. In General, under Monitoring, you’ll notice Google Chrome already ticked (if not enable it), that’s because you’ve given consent to monitor Chrome downloads with FDM before,

Free Download Manager 5 Settings General Monitoring

Note: When Chrome is open and running, you can notice ‘Chrome Native Host for Free Download Manager‘ Process running in Task Manager from location C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Free Download Manager with file name fdmnativehost-chrome.exe

Disabling or removing the FDM Chrome extension makes this process to go away.

To integrate FDM 5 with Firefox and Internet explorer browsers

Simply select those under Monitoring of FDM Settings.

When you open Firefox after this, you need to allow Free Download Manager extension to install, by checking ‘Allow this installation‘ and clicking Continue or  you can also enable the FDM extension in Firefox by visiting the Add-ons manager.

Friefox Free Download Manager extension pop up

FDM 5 integration with Internet explorer 11 hasn’t worked as the download initiated not taken over and downloaded by FDM, since this is a beta release, let us hope this issue will be addressed in upcoming releases.