Now we know Chrome 48, Chrome 49 and Chrome 50 release dates. Mozilla officially maintains Rapid-release/Calendar for Firefox browser on their website’s Wiki page, through which we can able to know future Firefox version release dates, Google doesn’t do that publicly for their Chrome browser.

For a surprise, the Chrome team has included release dates for the next three releases, (i.e for Chrome 48, Chrome 49 and Chrome 50) publicly on Chromium development and release calendar page here.

Multi-Process Firefox (e10s) Release Date Pushed to 2016

From that page, estimated stable Chrome release dates for 48, 49 and 50 versions fallen on Jan 25th, Feb 29th and April 19th respectively in 2016.

Chrome 48, 49 and 50 stable release dates

The page says “These dates are subject to change without advance notice and provided here only for rough planning purposes. New bugs, security incidents, holiday schedules, partner dependencies and process changes can all affect these dates and move it in either direction. The date only estimates the week of 1st stable push of a release – it does not imply that all end points will be updated by this week.”.