A real and better Tab Groups alternative add-on for Firefox is hereFirefox 45 to ditch Panorama feature, we’ve already covered about an add-on to replace to Tab Groups in Firefox browser, an add-on developer Quicksaver has come up with an excellent tab groups add-on, which is based on the code in Firefox, really seems superior to native tab groups feature. If you’ve used the feature in the past, no introduction is required to use it again.

Tab Groups add-on by Quicksaver features

  • Create tab groups, lets you manage and organize open tabs
  • Works in current Firefox 41-45
  • Allows to backup and restore tab groups
  • Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+E remained the same, but the add-on offers an option to customize it with desired hotkey.
  • When you upgrade to Firefox 45, Firefox will remove all tab groups and backup them into bookmarks and to a file, if you’ve installed the add-on then, then also you can able to import your tab groups into the browser through add-on’s backup and restore feature.
You don't believe it! IIits real and same or even better than Panorama!

You don’t believe it! Its real and same or even better than Panorama!

Add-on preferences can be accessed by visiting about:tabgroups page or by clicking on the gear icon in the tab groups view, offers Tab Groups, Backup / Restore, How to Use and about tabs.

Tab Groups section in page lets you import and export add-on preferences to /from a file. Choosing ‘Restore defaults’ rolls back all preferences, values, as if the ad-on was fresh installed.

Tab groups options

Backup /Restore section lets you

  • backup your tab groups to a file
  • Restore tab groups from a backup file
  • Clear tab groups data

Backup restore

The developer has included a dedicated ‘How to Use’section in preferences covering the full details on creating a tab group, switching between tab groups, searching through the tabs, organizing tab groups and pinning tab groups. Install the add-on if interested to explore the features.

Download Tab Groups add-on created by Quicksaver

Tab groups