About:profiles page is the new Firefox Profile manager. Till now to create, rename or to delete profiles in Firefox, you need to open the Profile Manager by running Firefox.exe -p command in Run dialog box on Windows. Firefox Profile Manager is not known to many users, knowing also creates new problems, this used by advanced users to troubleshoot issues with Firefox, for that, Mozilla now recommends to Refresh Firefox.

Firefox profile manager

Mozilla wants to remove Profile Manager for a long time, they’ve now managed to do that with new about:profiles page. This page is a replacement for profile manager, currently allows to create a new Profile, rename existing, if you’ve created and using  only one Firefox profile, then page says, ‘This is the profile in use and it cannot be deleted‘.

about profiles page

You can also notice ‘Restart with Add-ons disabled’ and ‘Restart Normally’ options on the top-right side of the page.

About Profiles 

“This page helps you to manage your profiles. Each profile is a separate world who contains its own history, bookmarks, settings and Add-ons.

The change has been landed in Firefox 46 which is on Nightly at the moment. Now when you try to open Profile Manager through run dialog, about:profiles page opens (check the below screenshot).

Nightly -Choose User Profile about profiles

You can notice this page listed in Firefox about: pages also (type about:about to open it).

Firefox gets Task Manager Feature

What’s your take on this? Have you found the new about:profiles page in Firefox useful? Do you welcome this change?

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