If you’ve allowed Facebook to show desktop notifications in the Chrome browser, here is how to disable or turn them off.  Push notifications are everywhere, sites nowadays show notifications to users with their consent in modern browsers like Firefox or Chrome.

If you’ve given permission for Facebook to show notifications in Chrome and finding it difficult to turn them off? Or have you recently seen this ‘Desktop Notifications are on‘ popup while you’re on Facebook in Chrome, and if you’ve clicked ‘OK’, you’ll notice push notifications from Facebook starts appearing in the corner of the screen, finding a way to turn them off gets a little difficult, unless you know the below steps.

Facebook Desktop notifications are on dialog

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Visit chrome://settings/contentExceptions#notifications, which opens the Notifications exceptions window,  find and click on facebook.com under ‘hostname pattern’ and choose Block, click on ‘Done

Chrome Notifications Exceptions window

Or Sign into Facebook with your username and password, and visit https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=notifications&section=push&view page

And click on Turn off for Chrome.

Facebook Notifications Settings