Latest Avast 2016 R1 SP1 automatically inserts its own signature into emails you send from Web email services such as Gmail, yahoo Mail, etc, in web browsers. Yes! Avast now scans web email as well, but we feel this signature as a pure promotional tactic to attract new users.

If you’ve installed Avast on your computer, when you send an email, avast adds this signature to footer of the sent message: ‘This email has been sent from a virus-free computer protected by Avast.’

Avast email signature

Avast inserted this email signature to a sent message

Users only notice this when they check their sent mail, main idea behind this could be users not using Avast will understand email sender uses Avast Antivirus to protect his system.

Disable Avast’s email signature

Avast has enabled this thing by default, here is how to turn it off.

1. Open Avast GUI, click on the Gear icon to open Settings > General

2. Uncheck ‘Enable Avast email signature’ and click ‘OK’ to apply the changes.

Enable Avast email signature option in General Settings

Note: Avast automatically embeds or injects the signature into sending emails irrespective of whether you’ve signature set or not in email service settings.

Recently Avast has acquired AVG, and shared the technologies between the two products, as a result, AVG has email signature thing as well, here is how to turn it off.

Disable AVG’s email signature

1. Open AVG interface

2. Click on Menu > Settings

3.  In the Settings > General, uncheck ‘ Enable AVG Signature’.

4. Click ‘OK’.

This could well be that one more reason to ditch Avast and switch to other antivirus? What do you say?