We’ve told you how to top up your BSNL broadband speed after FUP, till now, when a user’s data limit expires, then broadband Top-up page automatically opens in the default browser and offers the options to increase the connection speed, now BSNL has taken one more step and started sending this information to customer mobile phone through a message even before the exceed of FUP limit, today, I got this  message:

Dear customer, your Broadband usage crossed 80% limit applicable on 21-DEC-15 and your BB connection will work at lower speed once your usage reaches 100%. Please connect to to restore FUP speed by opting to suitable Top-Up plan. Ignore if already done. 

BSNL Broadband top up page

Type the link received in the message in browser to see this page

BSNL Broadband Speedtest Websites for four zones Launched in India

User received the SMS, can visit the corresponding IP address mentioned in it in the browser and view the broadband Top-up data charges and extra usage offered, and then if he wishes, he can click on the link posted at bottom of page for a top up, and purchase the additional data after that by following the instructions appear on the screen.

Check this video on YouTube for detailed instructions.

If you’ve received this message for the first time and not bookmarked the page in the past, then bookmark the top up page now, so that you can restore the speed after FUP using data Top Ups on demand whenever you want without waiting for the message to arrive.

BSNL Landline Bill now comes with a QR Code to make Payment Online

Note: We’re not sure whether BSNL has sent this message to all unlimited plan users or to those who’ve used Top-ups in the past (I am one of them).

What’s your take on this improvement?