Now you can pay your BSNL bill through internet by scanning the QR Code present on it. Generally, you can pay BSNL landline bill in India by visiting its exchange center, or online through ‘BSNL Landline portal’ without registering and nowadays it’s also possible to make payment online by scanning the QR code provided on the hard copy of the bill.

Yes! BSNL bill now comes embedded with a QR code, which you can use it to make payment online. All you need to do is scan it using your  Smartphone (you need to have QR Scanner app installed for that, which you can have by visiting the play store).

BSNL Phone bill with QR Code

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Just point the Camera at the QR code and BSNL bill payment details will pop up on your Phone with a link which points to payment page, where you can able to choose your payment option like Net banking, Credit Card or debit Card.

Normally, the bill will reach the customer by date 15th of every month, where SMS  informing the bill amount will reach the customer phone by 1st or 2nd week, if they pay immediately, then they miss paying Bill using QR code, but it’s a good option for BSNL customers nonetheless.

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