AVG Web TuneUp Extension is not safe to use and it hijacks Chrome Search and new tab settings. Google Security Researcher has found multiple critical vulnerabilities in AVG Web TuneUP Extension on Chrome Web Store, this extension have been installed by 9 million users, the extension which aims to protect from dangerous websites and makes you safer online in Chrome is not safe.

The extension also changes Chrome default search engine and new tab page, we wonder why the users are still using the extension!.Seems users not noticed the number of permissions it requires before its install.

Check AVG Web TuneUp Permissions list

“This extension adds numerous JavaScript API’s to chrome, apparently so that they can hijack search settings and the new tab page. The installation process is quite complicated so that they can bypass the chrome malware checks, which specifically tries to stop abuse of the extension API.” Google Security researcher said in a bug filed.

We’ve noticed that latest stable Chrome alert users about new tab page and search results changes with the install of AVG Web TuneUp extension and suggests to restore settings, doing so will disable the extension.

AVG Web TuneUp hijacked Chrome new tab page and Chrome alerts user by showing notifications about it

Users who ignored these notifications still see warnings in the Settings for ‘Startup’ and ‘Search’ that an Extension AVG Web TuneUp is controlling that setting and offers a Disable extension button.

Chrome browser warns about extension in settings if you've missed the notifications

Note: Users who are ignoring these warnings by Chrome browsers intentionally not doing good for themselves.

At the moment, AVG has updated their extension on the Web Store with a patch which Google has acknowledged, so it’s safe to use and has no vulnerabilities.

The extension’s name is quite misleading with ‘Web Tuneup’ makes users believe it speeds up browsing , though not mentioned by AVG in the extension description. You’ve all above said reasons for not using AVG’s Web TuneUp extension.