Flash Player offline installer links download page to get disappear from the web. Visiting Adobe Flash Player website and downloading flash is a pain as we’ve to avoid Adobe offers like McAfee Security Scan Plus.

Generally, experienced or advanced users download  Flash Player by visiting Adobe’s distribution page for it, on that page, you’ll find the full or offline installer links for Flash Player for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms as well as for different browsers.

Now, Adobe has decided to shut down or remove Flash Player distribution page from January 22 March 1st, 2016. We don’t know the reason why? Possible reason could be Adobe doesn’t want you to miss their promotional crappy software, result of which they lose some revenue.

Adobe Flash Player download page Firefox browser

Here is the warning you receive when you visit the Flash distribution page

Adobe Flash Player distribution page with decommissioned warning

This page and the download links will be decommissioned on January 22nd March 1st, 2016.
If you are not an enterprise user, please visit get.adobe.com/flashplayer to download Adobe Flash Player for your system.

Enterprise users must have a valid license to download and distribute Adobe Flash Player binaries. Instructions and further details can be found at www.adobe.com/products/players/flash-player-distribution.html.

Please note that starting December 1st, 2015 you will be required to create an AdobeID to request an enterprise distribution license.

If you use IE, Edge or Chrome browsers, you don’t need to download Flash Player manually as Chrome with built-in flash will be updated automatically whenever newer flash version is available, Microsoft ships Flash updates for Edge and IE 11 browsers through Windows Update.

Firefox and other browser users have to download Flash manually whenever a new version is out.

What to do you say on this? Will you miss Flash player distribution page?