After releasing beta version, Vivaldi has released two snapshots, the new Vivaldi 1.0.330.3 snapshot based on Chromium 47 (this is the second snapshot, first snapshot has included tab closing improvements and extension fixes) is now available and has added a new trash folder to bookmarks and notes, and allows user to hide panel(s), and added the ability to this snapshot to clear closed tabs list.

Bookmarks and notes got separate trash folders, so the deleted bookmarks or notes goes to respective trash folders, from which, you can restore bookmark or notes.

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You can now able to decide which panel to hide or show in he panel bar, right click on the panel bar and untick the ones you want to hide.

Vivaldi bookmarks trash folder and untick panels to hide

You can now able to clear closed tabs list, to do that, click on the trash icon on the extreme right of tab strip, and choose ‘clear all’.

clear closed tabs list

Download Vivaldi 1.0.330.3 beta