Beta version of Vivaldi is now available with full support for extensions. After 50 snapshots and 4 technical Previews, Vivaldi which was launched back in January as Technical Preview (after 2 million downloads of technical previews) has now reached beta.

Vivaldi team aims to ‘develop a web browser that was fast, powerful and customizable, for power users around the world’, you can see it in action with Vivaldi Beta.

vivaldi beta

What’s new in Vivaldi beta

Improves support for browser extensions, and that too for Chrome extensions. So, you can now install Chrome extensions in Vivaldi by visiting Chrome Web Store. 

Tip: Always Start Vivaldi in Private Browsing mode by default

Vivaldi adds Clear browsing data and ‘Show Extensions’ Options to the Tools Menu

If you’re new to this browser, know this: Vivaldi offers Old Opera’s tab stacking, quick commands, mouse gestures, colored tabs.

TP2 has added Bookmarks bar and spatial navigation, Technical Preview 3 brought browser autoupate, Tab Stack styling, plugins on demand and background tabs indicator.

Technical Preview 4 enabled startup options, Color schemes, UI zoom, HiDPI support, Pinned tabs and Task Manager.

Download Vivaldi Beta