Get rid of password manager from Avast. If you’re using other Password manager in browsers or not planning to use Avast Passwords in Avast 2016, then you can get rid of it from Avast, for that, simply follow the steps mentioned below.

Avast 2016: Uninstall or Remove Avast Passwords

May 04,2017  Update:

1. Open Avast user interface

2. Click on Settings, choose Components,

3. Double click on Passwords under Privacy

4. Click on Uninstall Component

5. Restart your computer.

The above instructions are easier to follow to remove Avast Passwords than the below ones. Its up to decide which one to follow.

1 .Visit Control Panel > Programs >  Programs and Features

2. Select Avast Free Antivirus, click change

3. Click on Modify, uncheck ‘Passwords’ below ‘Which components do you want to install’ and click ‘Change

Avast Free Antivirus Setup dialog window

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4. Allow the Avast setup to make requested changes, when Windows Prompt to restart your computer, do so.

5. After system restart your computer with Avast installed is free of Passwords.