Mozilla to remove Panorama (Tab groups) from Firefox 45. After confirming Panorama removal from Firefox, we’ve now more details like which version is it to be and what happens to existing tab groups after? It is version 45. Now, Mozilla has started alerting Tab Groups users on Nightly with a warning: ‘Heads up! Tab groups will be removed from Nightly soon’.

The reason for browser vendor to do this because of poor usage of feature, currently it has been used by only 0.01% of users, means we can say most users not using the feature, in fact some even don’t know the feature exists in their Firefox browser they daily use.

Panorama (tab groups) to be discontinued with Firefox 45

Data loss doesn’t happen with tab groups’ demise, Mozilla has got you covered: all existing tab groups will be automatically copied into bookmarks folder. The company also looking (optionally) to restore background groups to a separate window.

Firefox 45 tab groups warning

After panorama has been discontinued users can able to access tab groups by using the bookmarks button on the navigational bar or through bookmarks sidebar.

Tab groups alternatives

Mozilla suggests to use following as panorama or tab groups alternatives to organize tabs

  • Bookmarks sidebar
  • Pocket for Firefox
  • Find and use add-ons based on tabs  or tab tree in AMO